Hello Everyone,

I wrote my last PetePost on March 4, on the cusp of the shutdown we have since endured.  Since then, I have written a few pieces (called Exograms) about the effects of COVID-19.

But, I have been reminded that, with 102 days and less than 15 weeks to go until the election, we cannot take anything for granted, no matter how positive the polls.  So, I’m now setting out to write a dozen or so “BidenBriefs” to add what I can to the conversation and keep us all focused on November 3 amid this raging pandemic.

I’ll simply start by reiterating what I wrote on March 4, which now seems like so long ago.

I am for Joe because he shares Pete’s values and many of his qualities – humanityintegritytemperament, and decency.  Qualities we desperately need at this fragile moment…Joe’s humanity and decency were on full display on Monday night when he responded to Pete’s endorsement [by likening him to his deceased son, Beau.]

More than anything, I believe this is an election about values.  Undergirding the values that commend Vice President Biden is the notion of trust.

Appropriately, as most of you know, Pete’s new book, Trust: American’s Best Chance, is strategically timed for release on October 6 to remind us of the paramount importance of trust in our democracy and its leaders.  In a statement about the book, Buttigieg said: “…in the years ahead, it will be more important than ever to build trust – trust in our institutions and leaders, trust in each other, and trust around the world in America itself.”

I trust Joe Biden and hope you do, too.

Please, as always, pass it along.